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The Wild Animals are an organization dedicated to saving, providing medical treatment and foster care to injured or orphaned wild animals - birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians, the ultimate goal being to return them back to nature.

The Wild Animals are not a shelter for wild animals, which were raised improperly and illegally by humans and therefore ineligible for release.

The Wild Animals are not a hotel or a place for a temporary accommodation of wild animals raised by humans. If you have found a wild animal and placed it with us for treatment or raising, please note the following:

* The Wild Animals are an organization which takes care of animals without owners, and not a standard veterinary clinic. We are not committed to look for the people who brought the animal to keep them informed about the condition of the animal on a regular basis.

* You can receive information about an admitted animal by mail or by personal message on the WA’s Facebook page by specifying the date of accommodation and the name of the person who brought it. Please keep in mind that the people who can give you information on the animal’s condition are the same as those who take care of the animals, so you may need to wait for the reply. Animals have priority over everything else. If it is very urgent, you can also give us a call but keep in mind that the call is mostly for emergency alerts.

* The wild animals do not belong to any person; nor a person that has found a wild animal and brought it for treatment by us can claim ownership of it.

* For wild animals there is no opportunity to visits because this is dangerous for the animals themselves, causes them stress and it is in conflict with the best practices for wild animals care. The access to the animals that are on treatment is extremely limited and they could only be bothered for medical manipulations and feeding.

* We do not negotiate with people who brought the animal to us about the treatment and the way we look after the animals. The treatment and care of wild animals is extremely specific, and a lot of knowledge and skills are required to properly implement them.

* It is not possible to personally release an animal found by you whose treatment or raising period is over, because release is a risky moment and the calmer it happens, the better for the animal. On the other hand, we should see with our own eyes the first flight or how the wild animal moves straight after the release in order to make sure that everything is fine and we don’t need to capture it again.

* It is not necessary to release the animal to the place where it has been found. If we think this is necessary we will reach you for details about the original place.

The Wild Animals calls for a responsible attitude to the life of every creature and in no case tolerates looking after, even temporarily, of wild animal at home! Except it is unethical, it is also prohibited by the Biodiversity Act (Article 38 (1), point 6). This also applies to capturing and raising at home of found animals which, for one reason or another, cannot be released back into nature.