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Yazinda from the Lower Earth
Yazinda from the Lower Earth

There was an old house on this place. The plot had been uninhabited for 30 years and there was a lot of construction work done on it. The demolition of an old stone house was done (no plans to build a new one in its place). The excavator came, demolished the house and levelled the terrain perfectly. Everything was smooth and clean ... on this day. The next day, however, there was a hole in the smooth and clean terrain, and a badger's head barely protruded from it. People were in shock. They had no idea there was a sett underneath.


At the base of the house, badgers had made a cozy home for their clan. The badgers are amazing builders, the tunnels they dig are a work of architecture. They, like us humans, appreciate the strength of a structure and having a stable roof to protect you from the rain. Hence they often happen to settle under the slab of an uninhabited (or rarely visited) house. In this case, they settled in the foundations of a stone house, which will give more solidity to their sett than the roots of a tree.


With the arrival of the new owners of the plot, the place had become less quiet for the badgers than it used to be, but while the construction was underway, the nocturnal badgers did not meet the people, because they did not yet inhabit the place around the clock. Meetings between badgers and humans are not a problem, because badgers never attack humans. However, by increasing human activity in the place, it is no longer calm enough for the animals and this worries them. Under normal circumstances, the animals would most likely move out with increased human activity on the plot or seal these tunnels and use remote sidewalks, but the house literally collapsed on part of the sett and the animals were surprised as they slept soundly inside. Whether everyone managed to get out cannot be said with certainty. There were no others where we dug.


What can be said for sure is that another badger from the clan tried to pull out the trapped Yazinda badger, because while she was staying like this for 2 days, it was dug on top of her. Unfortunately, this further increased the pressure on the huge stones on her.


Yazinda was incredibly lucky and got out with minor injuries and dramatic dehydration. The X-ray showed no fractures, fortunately, but it also showed that her body was full of quail bullets - she had received this "gift" some time ago from a hunter.




I would like to express my personal gratitude to the owners of the plot, who sought help to rescue the badger and came to us. Thanks for the attitude towards animals! ❤



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