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Survivial - The Wild Calendar for 2022
Survivial - The Wild Calendar for 2022

There it is ???? You didn't think we'd leave you without a Wild Calendar for 2022, did you? ????

After a lot of stumbles and sleepless nights, we've finally finished working on the Wild Calendar and are expecting it on paper very soon. We can't wait for you to see it ????

This year, we'll be flipping through Lyubomila's (the founder of Wild Animals) research notebook together with you to bring you into the world of a true wildlife explorer - one who believes there is always more to learn about animals and isn't afraid to follow curiously with a thirst for knowledge.

The explorer’s world is reflected in their notebook. Old, torn and slightly stained with miscellaneous things (typical of this person’s nature of work ????, the notebook is the most faithful companion of the researcher. It holds both notes of new knowledge and piles of messy thoughts on a variety of topics.

The theme is "Survival." In it, we touch on the struggle for life of the wild - as we see it through the stacks of patients who have come to us after their encounter with humans, directly or indirectly.

We chose this theme for our 2022 charity calendar because, like the animals we have harmed, this year we too have come to the edge of survival. We have faced difficult obstacles that have made us question whether we can move forward.

Well, despite the difficulties, we are still here. Because of the animals and because of all of you who support us. What is more, we're determined to keep giving you knowledge while we're here. Only if you are curious like us, of course ????

This year, we will present you the photographs of wildlife photographers Pavel Simeonov, Ivaylo Kolev, Miroslav Todorov, Dimitar Nedelchev, Luigi Paccirillo, Lachezar Kotsev and Georgi Penev.

We also invited three guest authors whose work inspired us to address more specific issues. These are the entomologist and founder of the Insects and Entomologists group Alek Yovchev, the biologist and creator of “Bear Stories” Vladimir Todorov, and the president of CAAI Petya Altimirska.
The design was done by Andrey Stefanov, Fanny Mikhailova and Lyubomila Krivoshieva, and the prepress was done by Velik Dairedjiev.

Our reading calendar for 2022 consists of 8 sheets, 31x44 cm. and you can get it for a minimum donation of 13 BGN. You can pre-order it here:
but you can also find the Wild One in the places listed below


Organic store

Nissim Bookstore on bul. Vasil Levski, 59

Zелена - галерия ателие/Zelena gallery on ul. Tzar Ivan Shishman, 17

ArenaVet - zoo shop and veterinary clinic

Optics Magic Optic on ul. Topra Hisar, 3

Please, note that the calendar will be delayed and most calendars will be available between the 28th and 30th of December. We expect to have a possibility to prepare a number of units for pick up just before Christmas, but it is critical that we know how many of you are holding on to this option so that we can alert the print shop and try to prepare the needed pieces more urgently.

A big THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who made the effort for the calendar to become a reality ❤️

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