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WILD calendar
WILD calendar

We’ve never done anything like that before in The Wild Animals, but at the end of this year we grew enough to make our own WILD calendar!


Summing up a few years of work, thousands of patients and multiple battles in one calendar is just an impossible task. We really wondered a lot about how exactly IT – THE CALENDAR, should look. Finally, we had to choose between two designs and since we could not choose and we like them both equally, we are now presenting you the first two wild calendars – two different designs, for different occasions.


The small wild calendar is a work of simple elegance. The watercolors of our lovely wild patients will illuminate every room with their true purity and with the colors of the wild! Its small size (10 x 21 cm) makes it ideal for the workplace. Attach the string to an ordinary nail and it will shine to you and it will gift you with some stolen moments, a peace for the soul. You are at your workplace but you take a look at the frog Marul and you are already climbing the tree bark. Then you look at Goran – the badger and you’re racing in the wild grasses with him… Enjoy these moments, give them to your friends! You can get the small wild calendar for a donation of 8 BGN, which will go to the Wild Animals.


The big wild calendar is something else. You know how much we care about sharing knowledge about the wild world with everyone who follows us. Well, we did not hold back and the big wild calendar tells stories, gives guidance and reveals a little more about the wild world. Read the stories of our patients and think about what we could do together, in order to change things that are wrong. Give the big wild to people whose eyes you want to open for the wild world!
Its size is 31 x 44 cm, the pages are spiral-bound. You can get it for a 13 BGN – the funds will be a donation for the Wild Animals’ activity.


The more people that are knowledgeable and tolerant about the wild, the less harmed animals!


With each calendar you make a donation for the treatment of the wild victims! Thank you!


Thanks to iPrint for your support of our cause!


You can order calendars using the form here:


The small wild calendar costs 8 BGN and the big one costs 13 BGN.


From December 14th, 2018 the calendars will be available for pick-up at the veterinary clinic "Dobro Hrumvane - Iztok" on “Pierre Degeyter” Str. 10B and we will begin to send the completed orders via Econt, with the “cash on delivery” option. You can receive the calendars in the other two clinics as well - "Dobro hrumvane - Borovo" and "Dobro Hrumvane - Centre". Have in mind that you need to purchase them in advance, using the form and also - point out where you'd like to receive them.

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