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Somewhere there, in the tall grass, between briery thorns and thick bushes, wild inhabitants hide. They inhabit the world, in which we, as humans, have settled comfortably, often forgetting about their existence.


We all notice the number of sparrows significantly decreases through the years. Unfortunately, the reasons lie in our human world and our human activities, such as the ubiquitous and frequent spraying of tick and mosquito repellents, which poisons sparrows’ food, the low pruning of shrubs (which serve as shelter for sparrows), as well as the reduction of nesting sites, due to the renovation of buildings.


Tortoises disappear due to their mass removal from nature. Many of these captives are ruthlessly killed because of some fictional healing properties of their blood, but many also fall prey to human love and become pets, which deprives them of a normal life and prevents them from reproducing. A very serious reason for the decrease in the number of tortoises is the massive destruction of suitable habitats for them, due to construction. We ruthlessly crush them on the roads as well.


Hares’ lives are often being threatened, but not just because of predators that hunt them. Shepherd and stray dogs are a huge threat to hares as they often kill them, but not for food. The leverets are very often found in places where people have access to them. People injure them when mowing or working in the garden, and it often happens that people decide to take them because they ignorantly think that the little ones are abandoned when in fact they are not. Many of these animals meet their ridiculous and painful death by being killed on the roads.




You can get each of our 6 martenitsas for a minimum donation of BGN 6 per piece.


As of Monday you will find them on site at WishMash (1 Hristo Smirnenski Blvd., directly opposite the Roman Wall Market)


And the orders come from here:


Martenitsas ordered until 12.00 on February 21 will be available in Sofia at the three veterinary clinics Good Idea (East, Center, Borovo) from February 22 onwards. Those ordered after 12.00 on February 21 will be waiting for you in the clinics 2 days after the order.


For orders outside Sofia (or in Sofia, if you wish), we will send the martenitsas via Econt, with a cash on delivery option and at the expense of the recipient.


If by chance you haven't taken our Wild Calendar yet (for a minimum donation of BGN 9), which is actually a very interesting 14-page reading book, you can learn more about the places where you can find it right here:


To place an order for delivery via Econt, add the desired number of calendars as a comment to your order for martenitsas.


When ordering more than 10 martenitsas, you will receive the Wild Calendar as a gift from us ????

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