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Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Water (RIEW)

RIEW is a State institution operating at regional level with its departments, adn is responsible for reporting infringements of environmental legislation, takes care of injured animals listed as protected species, seizes sales of protected species found in internet advertisements, etc. RIEW shall be responsible for registering exotic animals and checking pet shops selling exotic animals too.

Regional Forest Directorates

Regional Forest Directorates are the units of the Forest Executive Agency to which infringements of the game-related legislation are reported - poaching, illegal hunting methods, hunting without a note of the relevant place and date, illegal possession of hunting weapons,or unlawfully taking care of game animals, etc.

Bulgarian Ornithological Centre

The Bulgarian Ornithological Centre of the Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research at the BAS is the national unit coordinating research on migration of birds in Bulgaria through the scientific method of their ringing. Information on ring birds found, whether alive or dead, shall be given to the BOC at IBER.

Bat World Bulgaria

Since 2019, reports for bats are redirected to Bat World Bulgaria - our  non-governmental organisation relay that can offer special and competent care for these delicate mammals.

Tortoise Rehabilitation and Breeding Centre "Gea Chelonia"

The Tortoise Rehabilitation and Breeding Centre was founded by "Gea Chelonia" Foundation. It is situated in the village of Banya, in Nesebar Municipality, Bourgas District.

Organizations and Shelters for Stray and Injured Cats and Dogs

We, at Wild Animals, often receive calls for injured stray animals, though our activities are strictly related to wild animals rescue. Though we would love to, it is not possible to help every animal in need. If you want to help a stray dog or kitten, you can contact one of the organizations in this list.

Stray and / or Injured Equines

Sometimes on our case reporting line we receive calls for horses or donkeys, which require specialised equipment and assistance. Kindly call for help one of the specialised organizations listed here.