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Two days ago we came across a publication by a foreign rescue centre regarding the plastic bottle rings and how they cause many wild animals’ death. If you care about wild animals, it would be good to simply cut off these plastic rings. We had the intention to just share this publication and ask you to keep that in mind, but then we received the hedgehog Ringy so we decided to tell you about this very recent case. He almost suffocated, because of a bottle ring...

When he was small, Ringy used to play around just as all hedgehogs do, poking about at different places. The little hedgehogs are like big torpedoes, who always get out in a search for something delicious.

Once, while he was searching for food, he eventually stuck his little snout in that plastic bottle ring, which was thrown away outside the trashcan. People don’t realize that, but actually animals are not able to remove such things off themselves and this is not because they’re stupid, but because in the wild nature they don’t need to overcome such obstacles.

Animals continue to live with these things on them. Hedgehogs like Ringy are still growing physically and because of that the plastic ring gets stuck within their neck more and more, and more… until it almost makes them suffocate. The trachea is being pressed and as a result of that – their head get a huge swelling.

Dr. Yanitsa Dimova had a hard time taking off the plastic ring and the smell of the infected tissue spread out of the open wound. Two types of antibiotic and painkillers are going to make sure that Ringy doesn’t lose his life because of this severe infection.

Ringy came to us probably a couple of days before dying of suffocation, caused by the plastic ring… incredible luck and salvation from a horrible death in agony. Ringy escaped from a fate, which many other hedgehogs have…

Please, cut off the plastic rings of the bottles and others similar items, even if you throw these in the trashcan! It’s not something difficult to do, however it can save a life!
Please, SHARE this post, in order to inform more people about this problem. Thank you!

Here is the publication by the foreign rescue centre, which we had the intention to share with you:[0]=68.ARCol3CHeTZi1YqO4tiYH2e9pWc7VYLks58pkNZUzkvUy20DK6TILGQMf7I_UtvxQ5lSufMdUtW6mKAnqZWrbxJaKFa-H6mKyzfXE4c704SowEJkInx6BErdpy830lbFpKiK7Mk6MO8dRiueq5YFQHS_bYC9eUI3HuBcbRDZ5k-rqsi7OATjAOI&__tn__=-R

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