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Hoglets from Near and Far
Hoglets from Near and Far

The prickly little ones come from near and far ????


As every year, let's repeat now why we have to take care of the little late-born autumn hedgies.


It has been scientifically proven that hedgehogs whose weight is below the sufficient minimum, do not survive hibernation. Most do not even manage to fall asleep, and even if they succeed, the body's resources to maintain hibernation, ends at some point. Hedgehogs then either wake up and go out in the middle of winter, or never wake up again, and die in their sleep.


Very few low-weight hedgehogs survive until spring, but die shortly after waking up because waking up is already depleting their last energy reserves.


The data on the minimum sufficient weight we use are from studies in the UK, where the threshold is 450 grams. However, the climate there is milder than ours, so we have accepted 500 grams as a threshold for hedgehogs in Bulgaria.


There have always been late baby hedgehogs who die subsequently. This is normal in nature, in general, and is part of natural selection. Why save them, then?


In today's human world, a huge number of hedgehogs die for reasons that are not part of the natural selection in nature - cars and roads, ditches, human waste, stray cats and dogs and others. For this reason, it is important to save at least a small part of those who can actually be saved if they do not hibernate, but survive the winter eating and growing.


It is not a problem for the hedgehog's body not to hibernate. However, hedgehogs are a protected species, and raising them at home is against the law. In addition, they need specialized care during this time in order to be able to deworm properly and to feed on specific species-appropriate foods.


For all these reasons, in the autumn we admit little ones weighing less than 500 grams, which will spend the winter with us and welcome the spring alive and well.




If you want to get involved and to support our work, you can donate funds or buy specialized foods. Note that not all foods which are declared suitable for hedgehogs are actually such. A small part of the foods meet the requirements as healthy and we have to order them from abroad, as they are not available on our market.


(Feeding dry cat food, which many do, is harmful to the hedgehog's body in the long run and it damages their organs.)


If you want to donate money, here are the ways:



IBAN: BG59 UBBS 8888 1000 6341 66


Account holder: The Wild Animals Foundation




ePay:, CIN 2235391913


If you can and want to order food for us from abroad (UK), write in the messages and we will let you know of the specific ones we use.


You can also help us by donating consumables. We use a lot of kitchen paper, diapers type sheets (all sizes), fleece blankets (all sizes), towels - used but preserved ones.


Donations in the form of products can be left for us in one of the three veterinary clinics Dobro Hrumvane (Good Idea).


Prickly thanks from us! ❤

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